Got a letter in the mail…

I got a letter in the mail on Friday from a regional council I applied for a job with a week or two ago.

I was at the office spending the day working on a paper with a friend and colleague, and my partner calls me, all excited, to let me know. I said, “If it’s a letter, it’s a rejection. They wouldn’t be sending me a letter to arrange an interview”. Bless his heart though, he was so optimistic.

Of course, readers, I was right. Rejection. No reason – not even a hint of reason. Just, “thanks but no thanks”.

I honestly didn’t mind because it wasn’t a highly desirable position for me and would have involved a relocation to a part of the country I’m not super keen on, but I thought the first official rejection of Job Hunt 2015 deserved a blog post in its honour.

Now, back to that paper.

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