The Cruelest Error Message

Went looking for jobs today. Seek, then the various state, territory and federal government job websites. Tried to access UniJobs, got this message:

“We’re Sorry.
But it seems our site is currently undergoing an abnormally large amount of traffic at the moment.”

In other words:

“We’re Sorry. But it seems that there are an abnormally large number of people seeking university-sector jobs at the moment, probably due to redundancies, reduced research funding, and the higher-than-ever number of doctorate holders. In fact, our website can’t cope with the amount of highly qualified people with mile long publication lists looking for work. We don’t mean to be discouraging…except we do. Maybe reconsider your options, Nat.”

Okay I’m possibly seeing too much subtext, but come on. Can’t they just have a picture of a cute but confused monkey holding a spanner upside down, and leave it at that? No need to tell us you’re overloaded, we’re scared enough already.

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